HMI emergency lighting centre / UI user interface

EXIoT is an addressable safety lighting system with luminaire control and monitoring
centralised in the cloud or an HMI (Human-Machine Interface) panel.

Product description – computers with multi-touch screens Multi-touch screen computers are designed for installation at the front of a switchgear cabinet. They provide a powerful platform for system monitoring and control of the EXIoT application. All the panel computers are equipped with powerful components, including Intel® Atom™ and Core™ i7 processors. Cases are optimised in terms of space and component accessibility. Panel computers are equipped with multi-touch displays, and widescreen displays of various sizes are available. System is cloud-compatible.

Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) is a simple home automation interface system that transmits signals used for the digital control of lighting. Light fi tting, sensor, button and switches are connected in parallel and linked to the controller. Computer is connected directly to the interface connector using an RS232 connection or a fi eldbus. Integrated power source creates a galvanically isolated 24 VDC output voltage. No further components are required for the use of DALI equipment, and the system fi lls the gap between the lighting controller and light fi tting. DALI system allows for connecting up to 64 DALI controlled devices. During start-up, the EXIoT panel computer searches for the connected DALI controlled devices and guides the user in setting up the system. It is possible to manage the parameters of a DALI host terminal from a computer. Parameters can be
managed via a fi eldbus or RS232 connection, which is connected to the confi guration interface of a higher-level bus connector.


EXIOT-HMI 7117513 EXIoT emergency lighting center 230 V 43 Surface mounting
EXI-UI 7117515 User interface Surface mounting