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EXIoT architecture

The significance of emergency lighting is constantly increasing, which means that our high-quality and technically sophisticated guide and emergency luminaires will have a decisive role to play. Flexible systems make using and servicing the luminaires easier and faster, while another important factor is predictability, where the system can also alert of upcoming maintenance needs. The EXIoT cloud-based service integration developed by us already provides our customers a way to embrace the digital age (IoT). The development of technology in itself offers us and our customers a potential for rearranging our operations to satisfy the ever-changing needs in the best possible way.

Monitorability and ease of installation of the system are the aspects we value. We wish to make sure that information is available in as efficient way as possible. One of the key features of Exilight’s addressable emergency lighting systems is reliability. The range of applications varies from small applications to large comprehensive projects where the ease in use of the system plays a key role.

We provide our customers training and assistance, whether they are designing firms end users, and offer reliable alternatives for projects of various extent.

Exilight Oy

Exilight was founded in 2003, and the company has been doing business in the field of lighting solutions for fifteen years. We have been committed to professional customer service, continued product development, as well as high-quality emergency lighting products and systems. Our products are designed and manufactured in Finland and our head office is located in Pirkkala.

Responsible business practice and customer satisfaction are the solid core values that our company stands on.

  • Exilight offers the widest selection of emergency and guide luminaire on the market, even at the international level.
  • We make nearly all our products from the start to the end ourselves.
  • We offer our customers high-quality and smart-looking emergency and guide luminaires, as well as modern and easily maintainable emergency lighting systems.
  • The purpose of guide and safety luminaires is to secure, guide, and indicate safe escape routes from the building in any situation.
  • In our product development we pay particular attention to ease of installation, while designing our products to satisfy the needs of our customers in the best possible way. Visual appearance of emergency and guide lighting is becoming increasingly more important.
  • Starting from the designing stage our goal is to find luminaires that are the most suitable for the particular application, both in terms of technical specifications, as well as their appearance.
  • We have served many customers with our ‘from idea to product’ concept, and we wish to go on applying such solution-centred service model in future.

Exilight Oy has been awarded the highest AAA credit rating.

GDPR Compliance D-Fence 2018

ISO 9001 and 14001

Exilight uses and maintain a documented quality system, which is an efficient tool to ensure implementation and continued improvement of customer-oriented quality. This tool includes a certified Quality and Environment Manual, which is based on the customer and product requirements set out in ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.

Parent company

The company is a part of the Swedish Lagercrantz Group. Lagercrantz Group is focussed on technical solutions, and has presence in seven countries. The Group has a staff of over 1200 employees, and its turnover amounts to around 3 billion Swedish krona. The company has been listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange since 2001 (NASDAQ OMX Stockholm).


We show green light

We offer a comprehensive range of emergency lighting systems and luminaire units. We assist our customers in managing their projects, and are always ready to offer our skills into the disposal of our cooperation partners. New lighting solutions and systems represent the key development objects of our company, and we showcase our most recent achievements in major industry events.